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    9 min read

    A Digital Marketing Playbook for E-commerce

    E-commerce has been growing rapidly and playing an increasingly larger role in the consumer experience. In fact, by 2021 more than ¼...

    8 min read

    How to Build Your Marketing Stack

    “Everything changes, and nothing stands still.”  -Heraclitus

    We’ve all been forced to deal with a lot of changes in the last few...

    9 min read

    Which data storage solution do you need?

    Anyone getting serious about data analysis has to get serious about data storage. 

    We recently wrote about the pros and cons of a data...

    4 min read

    Personal information: How secure is it, really?

    This morning, I woke up to a text from my sister-in-law: “I knew my phone was listening to me... Facebook is giving me all ads for...

    4 min read

    The Need for Privacy Standards in Marketing

    We recently partnered with Choozle, a programmatic advertising platform, to discuss the phase-out of the third-party cookie.

    To dig...

    2 min read

    How to Use Marketing Tools While Staying Compliant

    Marketing is complicated enough without the headache of compliance.

    Doing the job well requires leveraging the right third-party...

    6 min read

    Do Our Smart Devices Listen to Us?

    Facebook and Instagram can target ads so accurately that some people find it creepy. As Gayle King put it when she interviewed...

    5 min read

    A Closer Look at Cloud Security: AWS vs. Azure vs. GCP

    The move from on premises to cloud infrastructure is happening at a rapid pace. Many organizations require the cloud to power...

    3 min read

    Is Your Data Accurate?

    In some cases, inaccurate data causes no harm or foul. But not usually. 

    Fortune 500, Healthcare, Finance, and Enterprise corporations...