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    3 min read

    Tumblbug Deeply Understands Users While Optimizing Resources

    “We migrated from Segment when we realized that MetaRouter allows us to minimize the resources we’re spending yet continue to make...

    5 min read

    Veterans in Tech. The Transition, the Similarities and Transferable Skills.

    As the United States celebrates and reflects on Veteran's Day 2020, all of us at MetaRouter are incredibly grateful for the sacrifices...

    9 min read

    How to Make the Most Out of Mixpanel

    Detailed data allows marketers to create precise segments and a 360° view of customers to target them more granularly and connect with...

    2 min read

    How to Build Learning Apps for Kids While Following Regulations

    When Apple announced new regulations, HOMER Learning’s entire product model was put in jeopardy:

    “At first, it looked like we were...

    5 min read

    The Power of MongoDB Atlas Data Lake

    When looking at big data storage options for big business, almost all options fall into two categories: data warehouses and data lakes...

    2 min read

    CaliberMind Unlocks 2x Growth for Their Customers

    CaliberMind, an analytics platform for marketers and revenue teams, optimizes pipeline and revenue growth for B2B marketers. 

    “As a...

    8 min read

    CDP vs. DMP vs. CDI: A Guide

    In a competitive market dominated by data-driven marketers, the success of your marketing strategy depends on your ability to leverage...

    4 min read

    Why We Adopted An SRE Approach

    From the beginning, we knew that a complicated, distributed system like MetaRouter is going to need some serious monitoring. Sure, you...

    5 min read

    The Best Way to Manage Tags Might Not Be A Tag Manager

    Tags have been around since the 90s, but they are more relevant than ever for businesses. They provide companies with valuable...