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    11 min read

    How to Make the Most Out of Amplitude

    Developments in data collection and analysis methods have enabled marketers to create highly tailored experiences to increase customer...

    6 min read

    Kubernetes: A Brief History

    Recently, I presented an overview on Kubernetes: what it is and why it got willed into existence in the first place. This is the first...

    4 min read

    Why Every Organization Needs Customer Data Infrastructure

    When it comes to handling customer data, the list of acronyms for what analysts, product specialists and marketers need is...

    2 min read

    Gaining An End-to-end Understanding of The Customer Journey

    “MetaRouter allows us to set a higher standard and expectation of what we know about our users. Our Product Squads not only make...

    3 min read

    How Princess Auto Transformed Their Customer Experience

    “With MetaRouter, we found that we could map every part of the customer journey once and link to all of the different data streams we...

    3 min read

    Centralized Data for Better Analytics and Faster Growth

    “We started from a place of disparate data,” says Rusty Bickel, Crossroads’ Data Officer. “MetaRouter makes it simple for us to track...

    3 min read

    Tumblbug Deeply Understands Users While Optimizing Resources

    “We migrated from Segment when we realized that MetaRouter allows us to minimize the resources we’re spending yet continue to make...

    5 min read

    Veterans in Tech: The Transition, the Similarities and Transferable Skills.

    As the United States celebrates and reflects on Veteran's Day 2020, all of us at MetaRouter are incredibly grateful for the sacrifices...

    9 min read

    How to Make the Most Out of Mixpanel

    Detailed data allows marketers to create precise segments and a 360° view of customers to target them more granularly and connect with...