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    5 min read

    The Server-Side Difference

    Server-side data processing is becoming more and more of a hot topic in the customer data industry, in light of restrictions and...

    5 min read

    How We Process One Billion Events Per Day With Kafka

    When we set out to provide a seamless platform for our customers that consumes their customer events and fans them out to any number...

    3 min read

    Creating A Culture of Mentorship

    About a year ago, Levi Cook joined our team as an engineering and leadership coach because we believe mentorship is a powerful tool...

    4 min read

    Why Every Organization Needs Customer Data Infrastructure

    When it comes to handling customer data, the list of acronyms for what analysts, product specialists and marketers need is...

    4 min read

    The New MarTech Stack: Building and Buying a Best-of-breed Customer Data Platform in 2021

    Originally published by our partners at Lytics. 

    A few years ago, David Raab’s definition of a customer data platform (CDP) for the...

    11 min read

    How to Make the Most Out of Amplitude

    Developments in data collection and analysis methods have enabled marketers to create highly tailored experiences to increase customer...

    6 min read

    Kubernetes: A Brief History

    Recently, I presented an overview on Kubernetes: what it is and why it got willed into existence in the first place. This is the first...

    2 min read

    Gaining An End-to-end Understanding of The Customer Journey

    “MetaRouter allows us to set a higher standard and expectation of what we know about our users. Our Product Squads not only make...

    3 min read

    How Princess Auto Transformed Their Customer Experience

    “With MetaRouter, we found that we could map every part of the customer journey once and link to all of the different data streams we...