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    Three Sectors That Benefited Most from Business Intelligence Software

    By Jonathan Kenney on 11/21/19 3:04 PM

    Would you take out your car for a drive in the middle of the night knowing your headlights are busted? Probably not. They are essential for visibility and navigating the road without putting your car and yourself at serious risk. Business intelligence provides guidance in much the same way.

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    White Paper: Why Fret Cloud Vendor Lock-In and How to Avoid It

    By Jonathan Kenney on 7/1/19 5:08 PM

    The decision to transition to the cloud can bring multiple benefits to your company. From efficiency to flexibility to cost-effectiveness, more businesses are turning to Cloud Service Providers (CSP) to harness its advantages. In fact, 83% of enterprise workload will be in the cloud by 2020.

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    Five Key Takeaways from the Congressional Hearing on Data Privacy

    By Jonathan Kenney on 4/10/19 12:12 PM

    Living in the internet age, it is incredibly easy to take for granted the great magnitude of how this digital world has touched every aspect of daily life. Not that this is surprising, after all, what choice do people have? Not to engage with the internet means being left in the dust of a bygone era. Yet there is something mythical about its nature; it is communicated with by a relatively scant crowd of technological oracles, yet its impact is of a scale that would make even the Olympian pantheon jealous.

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