With the removal of third-party cookies and increasing compliance mandates, marketers can prepare now for big changes to attribution.

    So we sat down with Choozle for a casual conversation and open Q&A about how marketers can prepare. As a digital marketing platform, Choozle understands firsthand how critical attribution is for marketers. As they explore the upcoming privacy changes, Choozle’s Senior Director of Brand & Product Marketing, Megan Sullivan-Jenks discusses practical steps marketers can take even now. 

    MetaRouter’s Head of Engineering, Mike Yeager, on the other hand, is focused on how to technically handle attribution in a first-party, completely compliant context. He shares what's happening behind-the-scenes to impact customer data integration across the board.

    Together, they talk through:

    • Attribution modeling in all its forms
    • How attribution is impacted by the removal of third-party cookies
    • Why marketers and advertisers should be thinking about it
    • What the numbers actually mean

    Check it out: 

    While it seemed like a move to digital marketing and advertising would solve the challenges to attribution, the need for increased data privacy is making hard to track user behavior as explicitly. While data privacy is necessary, marketers still need a solution to measure ROI on various efforts. 


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    Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash

    Laurel Brunk

    Written by Laurel Brunk