CaliberMind, an analytics platform for marketers and revenue teams, optimizes pipeline and revenue growth for B2B marketers. 

    “As a startup, we have finite engineering resources but an ambitious product roadmap,” says Nic Zangre, Revenue Operations Executive and Marketing Jedi Master of CaliberMind, “Getting the data right and delivered on time, consistently, is paramount for earning customer’s trust in their reporting.”

    CaliberMind’s Challenge with Data Analytics

    Aggregating data to meet a wide variety of customer needs requires centralizing data from numerous sources. 

    Website traffic, paid search referrals, organic search referrals, influencer marketing, content tagging and engagement reporting, reverse IP address matching (firmographic de-anonymization), persona tagging, and product logins and interactivity are all examples of activity that CaliberMind’s customers need. 

    Effective and accurate data ingestion and routing was the only way to create the full-funnel reporting their customers relied on. 

    The Solution: Centralizing Data 

    Because CaliberMind works with a variety of customers, having a whitelabel solution for centralizing data was the most seamless decision. They could then focus their engineering resources on their analytics platform while offering customers a complete solution.

    MetaRouter, which can stream a wide array of customer data directly to a centralized data warehouse, was a perfect fit. 

    Using analytics.js via MetaRouter, CaliberMind offers a proven library to enable digital tracking. Website visits, form-fills, user logins—any event a customer wants to track—stream to that customer’s data warehouse, whether they prefer Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, or Snowflake. 

    Because CaliberMind actually hosts and maintains the warehouse for customers—along with their proprietary B2B data modelling algorithms—they have the data right where they need it to rapidly solve complex business problems using data science and their own Customer Data Platform. 

    For example, they blend and match-up digital data captured by Metarouter with their customer’s 1st party data from CRM systems like, Microsoft Dynamics, or SAP, as well as Marketing Automation (think Eloqua, HubSpot, Adobe/Marketo, etc.), and even Ad Spend Data from LinkedIn, Facebook, and AdWords. 

    “MetaRouter makes it easy for us to offer insights like marketing attribution, account-based marketing, return on ad spend, channel contribution to revenue and more,” says Nic, “all the things our customers care about most.”

    Partnering with MetaRouter

    When it comes to working with MetaRouter, Nic says the team was instrumental in helping provision and design their architecture and triage issues rapidly, when necessary. “As a cost-effective and scalable solution for OEM web analytics, Metarouter is a key technology and business partner.”

    Since implementing MetaRouter, CaliberMind has seen a faster time to market, smaller footprint in their stack, and increased scalability and stability. 

    By having the access they need to the MetaRouter platform, beyond the typical UI of a single user, they’ve also enjoyed the extensibility of being able to access the code and edit directly. At the same time, they’ve saved resources by outsourcing support and using provided documentation and an admin console for their Customer Success team to provision new customers.

    Outcome for CaliberMind's Customers

    Best of all, CaliberMind’s customers have been able to analyze marketing’s impact on revenue, including fully optimizing their marketing budgets.

    “We have seen customers 2x+ their pipeline without increasing marketing spend by using data from MetaRouter in CaliberMind’s CDP,” says Nic. 

    With MetaRouter, CaliberMind will continue to grow while focusing all efforts on their core competency: providing customer data analytics that have a true and lasting impact on the bottom line. 

    Sound familiar? See how MetaRouter could solve your challenges with data. Share your pain points with us at We'll respond right away!

    Photo by Jason Weingardt on Unsplash

    Dave Paprocki

    Written by Dave Paprocki