We all know marketers and analysts need to connect their first-party sources (website, iOS, and Android apps) to multiple analytics tools in order to get the level of customer insight they need. In many instances, marketers also seek to test tools to keep their marketing stack leveled up.

    Amplitude is one excellent marketing analytics platform that helps marketers understand user behavior and build optimal features fast to produce better business outcomes.

    The Power of Amplitude

    With Amplitude, you'll unlock the ability to:

    • Uncover what users do in your product(s) and enable teams to build digital properties grounded deep in evolving the customer experience.
    • Know what to build next through product intelligence. Enable your teams to improve product experiences faster, with measured impact, visualize and optimize end-to-end user journeys.
    • Optimize product and customer experiences which not only drives engagement but also increases lifetime value and retention of your customers and long-term customer loyalty.
    • Silos audience segments per event and specific actions like checkout payment complete, item added to cart, and checkout complete

    Like other great tools, all this can be done through an easy-to-use UI:

    User-uploaded Image
    Track and optimize your strategies to meet KPIs
    User-uploaded Image
    Analyze referral sources to align spend with performance
    User-uploaded Image
    Visualize real-time user activity- great for trouble shooting and looking at individual user timelines

    How Does MetaRouter work with Amplitude?

    By using MetaRouter to integrate with Amplitude, the MetaRouter UI becomes the pipeline through which all the data flows, making it easier for marketers extract data from their website and mobile apps and push that customer data into tools like Amplitude. 

    With Amplitude, if you integrate through MetaRouter, you can:

    • Expand access to customer behavior data to your entire product, growth, analytics, and engineering teams.
    • Find where the users convert and drop off, and fix points of friction as you visualize critical user paths.
    • Maintain the flexibility to dive deeper, keeping track of your core KPIs as they evolve. 
    • Group users defined by their actions within a specific time period and segment with flexibility.
    • Access capabilities that will provide insight into your true personas, such as grouping users into clusters based on behaviors and outcomes.

    Since in-depth analytics requires multiple sources of customer data, the MetaRouter pipeline enables you to collect all of the necessary data to get a full view of your customer behavior and store it in one place for easy and transportable data.

    Learn more about why organizations need a customer data like MetaRouter or try it free for 90 days.

    Preston Ketchum

    Written by Preston Ketchum