For analysts looking for tools specifically designed for customer event tracking, MetaRouter fits perfectly into a customer data strategy because it empowers the use of tools like Mixpanel.

    Mixpanel is an event tracking and audience segmentation platform for your first-party web and mobile apps. By analyzing the actions your users perform, you can use Mixpanel to gain a better understanding of the user journey as it relates to engagement, conversion, and customer retention.

    The Power of Mixpanel

    With Mixpanel, gain some new capabilities: 

    • Use funnels to test features. By exposing certain gated premium features, you can incentivize more free users to upgrade.
    • Improve account creation with A/B testing. Monitoring the A/B funnel ensures New Signer success.
    • Boost first-time user conversions. Instead of relying on customers and prospects to explore your first-party properties on their own, Mixpanel enables you to see how users interact with web and mobile apps as you test and launch new features, allowing you to walk customers through the journey.
    • Centralize your data. Integrate all the customer data that actually powers your marketing strategy into a data warehouse, add event-based user tracking strategy across all of your first-party properties, sync up with back end data, and email/CRM data, effectively unifying all the disparate data into one single place where marketing, analytics, and growth teams can action it.
    Do all this (and more) via a super slick UI:

    One view allows you to efficiently see all analytics in one UI and visualize low- and high-performing groups of users. They are highlighted automatically so that teams can review, action, monitor and prioritize accordingly. 

    Another view enables you to create lists of users based on actions they don't take within your product.

    You can also use Mixpanel to create a list of users that you can funnel by every available property, then send a list of high- and low- converting users to your inbox. 

    And these examples only scratch the surface

    Why MetaRouter + Mixpanel?

    By using MetaRouter to integrate with a robust tool like Mixpanel, the MetaRouter UI becomes the pipeline through which all the data flows, making it easier for marketers and analysts to extract all the data they need from their website and mobile apps and push that customer data into tools like Mixpanel for more in-depth analytics. 

    For example, identifying cost per action (CPA) requires calculating the Total Marketing spend / Number of new customers. To find the CPA, marketers must pull data from tools like:
      • Facebook App Events (portion of total marketing spend)
      • Google Adwords (portion of total marketing spend)
      • Mixpanel (total new customers)
      • HubSpot (audit your Mixpanel total new customer count against HubSpot's totals)

    Best practice involves tracking and examining customer event data, then filtering report so marketing, analytics, sales, product, and other teams can identify potential and real user churn risk based on those events.

    With all the disparate sources of data necessary to fully understand the CPA equation, the MetaRouter pipeline makes it easy to collect all of the data and store it in one place for easy and transportable data.

    Learn more about why organizations need a customer data like MetaRouter or try it free for 90 days.

    Preston Ketchum

    Written by Preston Ketchum