For organizations in search of integrations that effectively track their customer data in a growing landscape of third party tools, MetaRouter fits neatly into your data tracking plan. One of the many tools it enables is Twitter Ads.

    The Power of Twitter Ads

    Twitter Ads provides a Tweet Activity dashboard (TAD) and Video Activity Dashboard (VAD). Every user can optimize performance and leverage insights to inform ongoing strategy for paid and organic Tweets.

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    See an overview of your Tweet performance, follower growth and profile visits
    • Access a campaign dashboard to learn how you can improve your Twitter Ads.
    • Action your customer data by sending feedback forms to customers you interact with on Twitter.
    • Track Twitter conversion campaigns, custom audiences for your website, and dynamic ads.
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    Visualize a breakdown of how people are engaging with your Tweets
    • Track metrics like cost per lead or cost conversion.

    It's critical to measure the effectiveness of you organization's advertising by understanding the actions people take on your tweets, website, and apps.

    How Does MetaRouter work with Twitter Ads?

    The MetaRouter pipeline enables you to collect this and all of the necessary data to get a full view of your customer behavior—across all advertising platforms and in relation to other channels.

    By using MetaRouter to integrate with Twitter Ads, the MetaRouter UI becomes the pipeline through which all the data flows, making it easy to add or experiment with analytics tracking tools like Twitter Ads. 

    Routing data might seem simple but each integration actually requires hours of engineering work to extract data from the sources. With MetaRouter, marketers accomplish the connection in seconds.

    Learn more about why organizations need a customer data like MetaRouter or try it free for 90 days.

    *Image credit belongs to Twitter Ads.

    Preston Ketchum

    Written by Preston Ketchum