Last week, we had the opportunity to join Dan McGaw at Effin Amazing (soon-to-be for a panel discussion on how to make sure your marketing tech stack stays safe while keeping costs down, especially with the many changes happening in the industry (e.g. the New MarTechEra witnessed hundreds of tools being invested in less).

    The kick-off table topic: With staffing and resources reduced across the board, how do we keep up with future innovation? 

    Dan gathers Dave Wisdom from Exponea, Jason Widup from, Puneet Vaghela from Adzooma and our very own Dave Paprocki (aka Poprocks) for a great discussion. 

    Watch the full recording here, which covers answers to important questions, like: 

    • How long can we survive?
    • How can we be more efficient?
    • Why are tools disappearing? 
    • What happens when people bite off more than they can chew?
    • Why isn't aggregating data good enough?
    • How are consumption patterns changing?
    • What are some of the panelists' favorite tools?
    • What are companies doing well right now? 
    • Which tool has each panelist canceled in the last 90 days? 

    And if you want to see a sweet visual representation, check out this graphic from The Vivid Ink Company

    The New Martech Era Visual Notes

    We joined Effin Amazing a few weeks ago to discuss this in-depth. If you missed it, check out the formal webinar

    *Feature Photo by Barn Images on Unsplash


    Laurel Brunk

    Written by Laurel Brunk