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    Tumblbug Deeply Understands Users While Optimizing Resources

    By Dave Paprocki on 11/17/20 9:00 AM

    “We migrated from Segment when we realized that MetaRouter allows us to minimize the resources we’re spending yet continue to make fully informed decisions as a company.” -Jaeseung Yum, CEO of Tumblbug

    For independent content creators, success—if not survival—depends on funding projects and building a fan base. But when Jaeseung Yum was a film major in college, he realized there was no clear path to generating support. To solve that problem, he founded Tumblbug, a Korean online crowdfunding site.

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    A Digital Marketing Playbook for E-commerce

    By Dave Paprocki on 9/23/20 3:15 PM

    E-commerce has been growing rapidly and playing an increasingly larger role in the consumer experience. In fact, by 2021 more than ¼ of the world’s population, some 2.14 billion people, will be shopping online. Their online purchases will account for nearly 20% of retail sales worldwide. Some experts predict that this number will increase to more than 95% by 2040.

    Add to these figures the changes in consumer behaviors and preferences brought about by the sudden and rapid spread of COVID-19 and it is easy to see the massive opportunity for e-commerce retailers.

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