2 min read

    Gaining An End-to-end Understanding of The Customer Journey

    By Dave Paprocki on 12/29/20 12:00 PM

    “MetaRouter allows us to set a higher standard and expectation of what we know about our users. Our Product Squads not only make better-informed decisions but also communicate more accurate results to all our stakeholders.” -Ignacio Colino, Growth ICT Business Analyst at Pet Circle

    Topics: Flexibility data accuracy data storage centralized data
    3 min read

    Centralized Data for Better Analytics and Faster Growth

    By Dave Paprocki on 12/1/20 2:00 PM

    “We started from a place of disparate data,” says Rusty Bickel, Crossroads’ Data Officer. “MetaRouter makes it simple for us to track important user behavior while maintaining complete flexibility for our communications, analytics and other teams to autonomously use the tools they needed.”

    Topics: Data Security data accuracy data storage metarouter cloud centralized data