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    Healthcare Marketing for the 21st Century

    By Megan Warhurst on 6/17/20 2:27 PM

    As most B2C brands are now realizing, customer expectations are changing rapidly. Most businesses are taking steps to thrive in a world where customer experience trends are dominated by giants like Amazon. But these shifts aren’t just happening within the e-commerce space. Any business that serves customers or users will have to adapt to survive in our new reality — most of all are trusted businesses like healthcare providers.

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    Thinking About Building An In-house Data Integration Solution?

    By Preston Ketchum on 6/10/20 1:23 PM

    Think about NASA.
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    Three Ways to Gain Consumer Trust

    By Karen Martin on 2/11/20 1:05 PM

    With e-comm accounting for 13.7% of global retail sales in 2019that’s 3.453 trillion dollars—and rising, companies who step back to embrace the challenges head on will find golden opportunities to keep data safe will be the ones who not only avoid penalties and expensive data breaches, but also increase consumer trust.

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    5 Things To Know in a Post-CCPA World

    By Yetunde Abass on 2/4/20 10:04 AM

    As of this writing, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) has only been in effect for a few weeks but has already changed the way many companies inside and outside of the Golden State do business.

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    The Ethics of Collecting Consumer Data

    By Karen Martin on 1/28/20 5:44 AM

    Discussions of business use of consumer data often focus on legal issues, like risks and regulations. For good reason: the massive amount of personal information collected by governments and businesses can cause potential harm and huge fines if misused. So much so that newer privacy regulations like the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) limit uses of data and seek to give power back to the consumer.

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    Navigating New Regulations for Children's Apps

    By Yetunde Abass on 1/22/20 10:17 AM

    The year 2019 was a time of reckoning for the industry of children's apps. In February, ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, was hit with a $5.7 million fine from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for illegally collecting names, email addresses, pictures, and the geographic locations of children under 13 in violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

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    Is Your Data Compliant with HIPAA?

    By Yetunde Abass on 1/3/20 12:19 PM

    Perhaps more than any other industry, healthcare must be a leader in securing personal information. Breaches happen, and healthcare information is perhaps most sensitive. The amount of information that healthcare providers, payers, and adjacent entities collect on individuals is vast and includes not just medical information, but also financial and personally-identifying data.

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    The Impact of Data Regulations on Adtech

    By Yetunde Abass on 12/23/19 8:30 AM

    If you’ve spent any amount of time on the public internet, you’ve encountered adtech. The underlying technology responsible for ads that follow you across the web and appear at the top of your search results is becoming a larger and more important industry every day.

    Adtech is, of course, fueled by data. In an age where increased data collection is the norm, and concerns about privacy and security are on the rise, we thought it would be useful to take a deeper dive into this industry.

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    The Impact of Data Regulations on Martech and Adtech

    By Yetunde Abass on 12/17/19 11:28 AM

    We have spent some time on this blog discussing data privacy, security, and the regulations around how business can use personal information. While we have focused mostly on the highly-regulated industries of healthcare and finance, we thought it was important to spend some time discussing two industries that are growing in scale and importance—marketing and advertising tech.

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