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    Thinking About Building An In-house Data Integration Solution?

    By Preston Ketchum on 6/10/20 1:23 PM

    Think about NASA.
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    What’s New in B2B UI/UX Research?

    By Kayly Lange on 1/8/20 1:27 PM

    Let's face it: B2B is infamous for a poor user experience (UX).

    Many companies fear that changing their applications and websites will anger their current customers. To be fair, users usually don't take to change very well. Many also assume that B2B and B2C sales and marketing are fundamentally different. While websites and applications are part of the sales process, B2B sales typically don't begin and end by one visit to an eCommerce site.

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    Why We Love Kafka's Open Source Data Pipelines

    By Kayly Lange on 12/12/19 2:46 PM

    Apache Kafka is a popular choice for organizations that need to collect, move, and store large amounts of data. In fact, more than a third of the Fortune 500 companies use Kafka, including PayPal, Microsoft, and Uber. 

    In addition to top tech companies adopting Kafka, it's gaining popularity among organizations that are usually slow to adopt new technology.

    So why is it taking enterprises by storm?

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    Three Sectors That Benefited Most from Business Intelligence Software

    By Jonathan Kenney on 11/21/19 3:04 PM

    Would you take out your car for a drive in the middle of the night knowing your headlights are busted? Probably not. They are essential for visibility and navigating the road without putting your car and yourself at serious risk. Business intelligence provides guidance in much the same way.

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    White Paper: Why Fret Cloud Vendor Lock-In and How to Avoid It

    By Jonathan Kenney on 7/1/19 5:08 PM

    The decision to transition to the cloud can bring multiple benefits to your company. From efficiency to flexibility to cost-effectiveness, more businesses are turning to Cloud Service Providers (CSP) to harness its advantages. In fact, 83% of enterprise workload will be in the cloud by 2020.

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    Comparing Cloud Providers: AWS vs. Azure vs. GCP

    By Kayly Lange on 6/13/19 9:55 AM

    In a little over a decade, the cloud went from a new buzzword and fascinating concept to indispensable for business. In fact, by 2020, it's predicted that 67% of enterprise infrastructure will be cloud-based, and 82% of the workload will reside on the cloud.

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    Why Modularity and Where to Start

    By Andrew Murray on 5/20/19 11:00 AM

    Through years of partnering with clients and integrating our solutions into their existing tools, we’ve always found that a bit of flexibility can go a long way. That’s why we’ve built the upcoming Enterprise Edition of our streaming platform to have removable pieces. We know that there is never a one-size fits all solution when it comes to data needs, and it forces our own product team into some great practices to ensure that we support all of the edge cases we allow.

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    Our Journey with Proprietary, Inflexible Systems

    By Andrew Murray on 4/1/19 10:00 AM

    Sometimes you need to play the short-game and roll out a solution to test its viability. When time is money, and you’re short on both, specific and ready-built solutions are a great way to get there in a hurry.

    But if you are going for growth and the economies of scale, it’s worth the effort to plan ahead and look down the road. It can help prevent large cost and potential churn during the phase in your business when your client base is most critical.

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    Normalizing Data for Warehouse Centralization

    By Ben Gregory on 3/21/19 5:00 AM

    A very common initiative these days is data warehouse centralization across an organization. DWaaS (data warehouse as a service) has become commoditized to the point that organizations of every size can begin setting up a reporting infrastructure starting at only a couple hundred dollars a month. This is really exciting and, when copying data from other structured databases, a relatively simple process.

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    Why Every Data Scientist Needs A Data Engineer

    By Laurel Brunk on 2/14/19 8:34 AM

    The data scientist was deemed the “sexiest job of the 21st century.” The Harvard Business Review reasons that this “hybrid of data hacker, analyst, communicator and trusted adviser” is a rare combination of skills, worth a high paycheck.

    Too good to be true? Yes, according to Forbes. Turns out, data scientists spend most of their time (up to 79%!) on the part of their job they hate most.

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    Flexibility: Our Philosophy

    By Tim Brunk on 2/7/19 12:02 PM

    Be agile. Be adaptable. Be flexible. In today's climate, these axioms, while wise, are beginning to become more and more cliché. Industries are changing at unprecedented rates, so hearing "be adaptable" is much like hearing mom reiterate the importance of good grades. The need is self-evident, but the task can be gargantuan.

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